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Holiday Parade

2017 Holiday Parade

The parade is on Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 1:00pm.  Parade staging is on Old Dixie Highway just west of the railroad tracks, between Center Street and Indiantown Road.  The parade will step off on to Center Street cross the railroad tracks follow route Alt. A1A North to Tequesta.  The reviewing stand is located on Old Dixie Highway in the CEMEX parking lot.  The parade will turn right on Bridge Road and will disburse from there.

2017 theme:

 “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Try "nine ladies dancing," (that might be loads of fun,) "eight maids a-milking," or any of the rest. If, for example, you chose the "pipers," you can decide whether to create bagpipes (perhaps from canvas bags and wooden dowels? or flutes from wooden dowels, which might be easier all around. Create a pear tree however you'd like: a pole with a few representative "branches" and a stuffed bird (fairly large to be seen.)For the "four calling birds" or any of the bird choices, I'd imagine you could use fabric, cardboard, or poster board for wings and beaks.